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How does it work?

The program only works if you are able to put java-applications on your phone. It has two versions, the MIDP1.0 and the MIDP2.0 version. The first one works on the somewhat older mobiles, and the second one on the more sophisticated and newer ones. The second version also has more possibilities.

Of course the MIDP1.0 can be used to read the Bible. You can page through it or jump directly to a verse. It is also possible to change the size of the characters. Finally it has a search function that can be used to search for the appearance of one or more words.

The MIDP2.0 version has some extra functions. It is possible to recall the last twenty direct ‘jumps’. There is also a bookmark function that makes it easier to remember certain verses. Further it is possible to change the screen-colours, the size and weight of the characters and to change to the full-screen mode. The last function comes in handy when using a phone with a small screen and uses also the bottom-line to display the Bible text. Finally the MIDP2.0 version has the possibility to send one or more verses through SMS.

To put the program on your mobile you’ll have to use a data-cable, an Infra-Red connection or a Blue-Tooth connection. You’ll have to download the Bible first in the download-section. After that unpack the zip-file that you get and transfer the file that ends with ‘.jar’ to your mobile. Some phones also need the ‘.jad’ file.

I would like to suggest trying it first with the MIDP1.0 and the MIDP2.0 test file. It enables you to see which version works on your phone. Some phones also have a limitation for the size of the programs that you can use. Therefore I have added the 64kB versions. There I have divided the Bible into little programs of maximum 64kB. If your phone happens to have a limit of for example 128kB I will be able to send you an adjusted version.

If you have any questions, feel free to mail me or have a look at www.Go-Bible.org.










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