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The Bible on your mobile...

Heave you ever been searching for a way to make your Java-mobile phone really useful? And then I don’t mean for playing games? Well, I did! I wanted to be able to read the Word of God with it. The Bible on my mobile, but without the need of an open WAP-connection.

To make a long story short: I ended up at the site of Go Bible and found everything I needed, but in English. After another search I found on the site BibleDatabase the Dutch “Statenvertaling” and after some adjustments and with the program from Jolon (Go Bible) I was able to put it on my phone!

I tested the program on a SonyEricsson Z600, that can contain one Bible-translation, and on a SonyEricsson K500i, on which I’ve put both the English KJV and the Dutch SV, and had no problems on both phones.

After that I asked their permission…and both Jolon and BibleDatabase reacted positive! They gave me also permission to spread the program with the Bible-translation.

Although I started with the Dutch translation, I also made some other translations. You’ll find them in the download-section!

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